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International Quality Certification
Creating pet supplements with the highest level of
The first certified pet health food factory in Taiwan
Provide safer and high-quality products

  "Since 1999, Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation, the parent company of Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation, has been specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of human supplement products. With more than 20 years of professional experience in ODM, Wel-Bloom has accumulated more than 30,000 supplement formulas and won numerous patents and awards for its products and factories.

In 2018, we established Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation, and with our rich experience in the health food industry, we have invested in the research and development, production, and manufacturing of pet supplements with the highest standards, becoming the first and only pet supplement manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain the SQF (Safe Quality Food) Level 3 food safety quality standard ""Diamond Grade"". Our brand, PetWell, through multiple market surveys and visits to dozens of veterinarians in Taiwan to inquire about the clinical health care needs of pets, has made significant progress. Through the efforts of the team leader, Dr. Shih-Ming Chiang, former president of the World Veterinarians Association, and a professional team of nutritionists, we have developed a series of pet health products that have undergone strict palatability tests to create health food products that meet the needs of pets in terms of efficacy and taste. We have not only passed the SGS inspection but have also obtained the SNQ national quality seal. We provide safe, effective, and high-quality pet supplements.

Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation has a high sensitivity to the market trend of pet supplements, a team of professional pet nutritionists, and a high-specification factory with SQF Level 3 certification. We provide one-stop service for pet supplements and are your best partner to enter the pet health care business opportunity."

What We Care
Professional Team
Experts in four professional fields

Carry out the whole process conscientiously from Ingredient import, research and development, production, to packaging.

Professional Production
R&D experience for 23 years

An exclusive factory for pet health care supplements with dedicated manufacturing line in line with human health care specifications.

Safe Product
8 steps of quality control

8 steps of quality control, raw materials and finished products with regular SGS inspection to ensure safety, and product liability insurance worth USD $343,000.

Excellent Palatability
repurchase rate up to 99%

A sample of 600 fur babies, and nearly 80% showed they enjoy the taste.

What You Need
Strengths in Research and Manufactuing
WelPet Health Care Products One-Stop Services

The pet market started to boom in 2018, and business opportunities expand from pet supplies to pet health care. With two decades of experience in innovative R&D and manufacturing of dietary supplements for human, WelPet was established with its own brand "PetWell" and join forces with the President of the World Veterinary Association to branch out into the pet health food market.

Founder's Statement

My specialty is to help people keep healthy through dietary intake of nutrients. I'm also dedicated to keeping pets healthy. Pet cats and dogs are our family. We take care of pets wholeheartedly as caring for our family by giving them the best health care. Our greatest wish is to keep our pets healthy to accompany us to enjoy life together.

Founder and CEO Alex Liao
Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation

Wel-Bloom provides one-stop services for the research and development of health care products. The production line complies with international standards and has obtained a number of international certifications. The safety and quality of our products are guranteed. A variety of dosage forms meet various health needs and the patented jelly dosage form has set a new trend in the health food market. Wel-Bloom devotes to implementing the concept of dietary supplement as functional food in the global health industry.

Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation

WelPat was established by the professionals of 6 fields including food, pastoral farming, pharmacy, chemistry, marketing and nurtrtion and is committed to being a professional pet health food developer and manufacturer. WelPet views pets as our family members and provides one-stop R&D and production services for pet health food. In addition to customer brand OEM, it launched its own brand PetWell series, which has been awarded the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ), the only pet health food certification in Asia.

Our Development and Achievements
Wel-Bloom / Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation
Wel-Pet Bio-Tech awarded the Safe Quality Food (SQF)
●The first SQF certified pet health product manufacturer in Taiwan
●Wel-EGT® has obtained patent certificate
●Nu-Fusion® has obtained patent certificate
The company obtained numerous patents.
●Welbloom bio-technology golden formula GET-Well ® Obtain Company Patent.
●Beauty Secret Drink, Flying Life Jelly won International Institute for Quality Selections- Monde Selection .
●WEL-BLOOM Bio-Tech won 2020 23rd Rising Star Award.
●FRESH-Jelly® has obtained patent certificate in China, Japan. It can effectively preserve nutrients.
●Nutri-Crypt® has obtained patent certificate in China, Japan, Taiwan. With its special three-layered structure, it can preserve flavor and protect nutrients from being destroyed by gut fluid.
Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corp. established.
●Providing health food products for pets. ●Match Q product series Awarded with Monde Selection Gold medal.
To expand our market to South-East Asia
●Successful market strategy layout in South East Asia. Acquired successful development in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
Wel-Bloom established second manufacturing factory.
●Launched FRESH-Jelly ®, No. 1 in the industry.
Match Q Monascus Q10 Capsule obtained Symbol of National Quality bronze medal award.
●Match Q, Monascus Q10 Capsule honoured with Health Foods Certification by the Department of Health.
Together with Taipei Medical University partnership, Wel-Bloom established clinical trial on cardiovascular products.
Wel-Pet Bio-Tech honored with Symbol of National Quality (SNQ)
●Pure Kids probiotics, Sweet Dream gel, Aegis Jelly won International Institute for Quality Selection - Monde Selection.
●Glucojoint jelly won iTQi Superior Taste Award.
●Pure Kids probiotics won Tse-Yue Double Clean Label.
The company obtained numerous awards.
●Match Q Anti-Aging Drink, Whitening Gel, Keto-Bulletproof Coffee had won International Institute for Quality Selections- Monde Selection.
●Passed the certification of secondary quality control and expansion verification program, and was awarded the model of high-quality food manufacturer in 2019.
●FRESH-Jelly ® Obtain company patent, effectively retain active ingredients.
Wel-Bloom received TQF certification as well as NSF-GMP certification.
●GMP system transformed into TQF in Taiwan.
●Received NSF-GMP certification,the highest standard in food supplement industry.
GMP & HALAL certification
●Our functional jelly series received GMP recognition, which makes Wel-Bloom the first GMP certified professional functional jelly manufacturer in Taiwan.
●Factory obtained Halal certification.
Obtained D-U-N-S® Registered™ for ten consecutive years.
● Match Q, Monascus Q10 Capsule honoured with Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) and received bronze awards in Taiwan.
● National Biotechnology and Medical Care Quality Award.
First Wel-Bloom manufacturing plant established
●Wel-Bloom obtained ISO 9001 / ISO 22000 / HACCP food safety management system for quality assurance.
Wel-Bloom Bio-Tech Corporation established.
Professional Certification
Wel-Bloom won multiple awards
D&B SME Elite Award
Rising Star Award
National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award
Monde Selection
National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award
8 Steps of Quality Control
Factory with international high quality certification
The first certified pet health food factory in Taiwan
Provide safer and high-quality products
Ingredient traceability evaluation
Water quality activation monitoring
Constant environmental quality
Acurate inspection in manufacturing
Hygiene and safety management
Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy test
Finished product Quality Audit
Quality Control
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