Who We Are

Take care of your pets wholeheartedly as caring for your family

Professional service platform for the development of pet health foods

Wel-Pet Bio-Tech Corporation is a professional pet supplement manufacturer, consisting of experts in the fields of food, medicine, animal science, chemicals, marketing, and nutrition. Pets are family members. We provide one-stop R & D and production services for pet health foods. Our products have won the SNQ national quality certificate—the only pet health food certification in Asia.

What We Care
Professional Team
Experts in four professional fields

Carry out the whole process conscientiously from Ingredient import, research and development, production, to packaging.

Professional Production
R&D experience for 23 years

An exclusive factory for pet health care supplements with dedicated manufacturing line in line with human health care specifications.

Safe Product
8 steps of quality control

8 steps of quality control, raw materials and finished products with regular SGS inspection to ensure safety, and product liability insurance worth USD $343,000.

Excellent Palatability
repurchase rate up to 99%

A sample of 600 fur babies, and nearly 80% showed they enjoy the taste.

Latest Trends
 welpet- Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering
Vet Column

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering Pet Health Checks Strategy for Optimal Preventative Pet Health and Minimizing Pet Illness Risks

Ensuring the well-being of our pets is a top concern for all pet owners. Since cats and dogs cannot express if they are feeling unwell, it is imperative for owners to schedule regular visits to the vet for comprehensive health checks with medical equipment. This proactive approach is essential to identify the cause of any discomfort. Therefore, consistently taking your beloved furry companion for routine pet health checks is a vital responsibility for pet owners. This article, based on a veterinarian's clinical expertise, will emphasize the significance of regular pet wellness examinations, introduce various key health check items, and collaborate with owners to safeguard the overall health of their pets.

welpet Seasonal Pet Care Insights: Boosting Cats a
Vet Column

Seasonal Pet Care Insights: Boosting Cats and Dogs Immunity for Autumn and Winter Health

Due to the impact of global warming, the transition from summer to autumn in Taiwan is no longer marked solely by occasional breezes. Instead, a noticeable temperature drop occurs after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Early autumn becomes a crucial period for pet owners to pay attention to boosting the dogs' and cats' immune systems. The great temperature variation between day and night can have a particular impact on their respiratory and urinary systems. This article explores the common symptoms that cats and dogs may experience due to seasonal changes. It provides insights from a veterinarian's perspective, with the goal of assisting pet owners in enhancing their pets' immunity as they navigate the shift from autumn to winter, ensuring the well-being of their furry companions.

A Reliable Partner with Innovative Service, R&D and Production
Cats and dogs are our family members and deserve the best health care.
Take care of your pets wholeheartedly as caring for your family and enjoy healthy and active life together.
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