Feedbacks from 600 Fur Babies
Excellent Palatability

We could solve the common troubles of furkids by supplying good palatability products. Allow your furkids to have their own health joint and vitality booster.
Feedback from 600 Fukids
The physical conditions improved significantly after a few weeks.

Canine Food Sampling
Excellent Palatability Improve Health
Keep for maximum nutrition, delicious taste, good absorption of water-soluble ingredients, zero fat, easy to carry.
Excellent Palatability

Almost 80% of furkids like Pet-well for their first try.

The secret to eating full and delicious food is the tangy chicken smell.
Even picky furkids are unable to resist our CAS certified chicken powder.

Improve Health

After 1 month of consumption, nearly 80% of the dogs' health has improved significantly.

Multiple functions, quickly say goodbye to soft stools and bad breath

of dogs
After 1 Week of Consumption
Have Better Appetite
Appetite improved, eating without procrastination. It's also fine to take directly.
of dogs
After 2 Weeks of Consumption
Increased Appetite and Eat More
Nearly 80% of dogs have reduced the frequency of loose stools and their stools became more formed.
of dogs
After 3 weeks of Consumption
Get Rid of Bad Breath
Dogs are healthier
Healthy Joints More Energetic
Joint health is noo lock; it is the key to furkid vitality.
of dogs
Take for two weeks:
Help furkids to regain vitality quickly and love to run and jump more.
of dogs
Take for one month:
Tests show that it can ease joint problems effectively and improve furkids' quality of life.
Palatability Feedback
Canine Food Sampling
Supplement probiotics boost appetite
Improve bad breath and smelly poop effectively
Physical improvement

After a month of use, nearly 70% cat person say Goodbye to cat halitosis attack.

of cats
After 2 weeks of use
Poop is more formed and easier to clean
of cats
After 3 weeks of use
Appetite is better and pet feeds well
of cats
After one month of use:
Improved cat physique, say goodbye to bad breath
Joint Health: Boost Vitality
Offers maximum nutrition, delicious taste, good absorption of water-soluble ingredients, zero fat, easy to carry
of cats
After 2 weeks:
Improved urination habits and increased quality of life
38.4% of cats go back and forth with the litter being reduced
23% reduction in genital licking
23% less peeing around
of cats
3 weeks of use
Urination continues to improve
of cats
After one month of use:
Urinary problems are improved effectively. Cats feel more comfortable.
Urine clots are increasing significantly.
Palatability Feedback
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