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WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet Biotech Gains Veterinary Recommendations at World Veterinary Association Congress!

  The World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2023), with a 160-year history, was recently held for the first time in Taiwan and concluded successfully on April 29th. After a five-year hiatus, the four-day event returned to Asia and drew more than 2,000 professionals from over 20 countries, including veterinarians and exhibitors from the veterinary industry, to share their expertise and clinical experience. Notably, WelPet Biotech, an SQF Level 3 certified pet health food manufacturer, received veterinary-recommended endorsements from nearly 300 veterinarians at the congress.
  WelPet Biotech, the only pet health food manufacturer in Taiwan with SQF Level 3 certification, received endorsements from nearly 300 veterinarians around the world during the exhibition. They encouraged pet owners to select pet health foods based on certification marks and recommended "choosing pet health foods manufactured by SQF-certified factories." Through interactions with veterinarians from various countries, they highly praised WelPet Biotech's approach to classifying pet health products into three main categories: daily care, professional care, and breed-specific care, with customized formulas to meet the unique nutritional needs of pets in various states of health. The company provides the highest standard of service both in R&D and production, offering robust support for brand owners and veterinarians alike.

  Dr. Rafael Laguens, WVA President, pointed out the close relationship between animal health and public health issues, and that pet ownership has become a trend in developed countries. To promote the development of comprehensive animal medical care and welfare systems, the congress brought together domestic and international veterinarians to discuss topics such as companion animals, economic animals, public health, One Health epidemic prevention, experimental animals, and animal welfare. In addition, a special Tamsui Blue Highway tour was arranged to showcase Taiwan's rich agricultural products, gourmet food, and breathtaking restored natural landscapes, highlighting New Taipei City’s efforts toward sustainable urban development. Through the event and guided tours, Taiwan successfully brought together veterinarians from across the globe, while WelPet received recognition for their world-class manufacturing quality, SQF Level 3 certification, and veterinary-recommended standards. In the future, the company will continue to collaborate with veterinarians around the world to promote animal well-being together.
WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet Biotech Gains Veterinary Recommendations at World Veterinary Association Congress!

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