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Cat Grooming and Vomiting: How to Prevent Hairballs with Vet-Recommended Strategies

Cats are known for their daily routine of grooming, in addition to sleeping and eating. During grooming, cats ingest loose fur, which can contribute to the formation of hairballs that may obstruct the gastrointestinal tract, causing a condition known as hairball syndrome. In today's discussion, Dr. Chung will explore why cats have a strong grooming instinct and discuss the potential health impacts of excessive grooming on their bodies. more
 Welpet:Tackling Pet Tear Stains: Identifying Caus
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Tackling Pet Tear Stains: Identifying Causes and Effective Solutions

One of the favorite features of pets for their owners is often their bright eyes, which are also an important way to establish an emotional connection with them. However, when pets experience discomfort or illness in their eyes, increased tear production can become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to unsightly tear stains. To keep pets away from tear stains, let's first understand the reasons for their appearance and how to prevent and improve them. more
Welpet Make Your Pet's Glow: Vet Reveals Seven Ski
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Make Your Pet's Glow: Vet Reveals Seven Skin Care Tips for a Shiny Coat

Pet skin comprises two primary layers: the epidermis and the dermis. The basal layer, situated at the bottom of the epidermis, continually regenerates skin cells, which migrate outward to form the outermost layer known as the stratum corneum. In the dermis, vital structures like sebaceous glands and hair follicles are housed, safeguarding underlying blood vessels and organ tissues. The structure of a pet's skin plays a vital role in maintaining its overall health. more
 welpet- Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering
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Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering Pet Health Checks Strategy for Optimal Preventative Pet Health and Minimizing Pet Illness Risks

Ensuring the well-being of our pets is a top concern for all pet owners. Since cats and dogs cannot express if they are feeling unwell, it is imperative for owners to schedule regular visits to the vet for comprehensive health checks with medical equipment. This proactive approach is essential to identify the cause of any discomfort. Therefore, consistently taking your beloved furry companion for routine pet health checks is a vital responsibility for pet owners. This article, based on a veterinarian's clinical expertise, will emphasize the significance of regular pet wellness examinations, introduce various key health check items, and collaborate with owners to safeguard the overall health of their pets. more
 wel-pet A Concise Guide to Probiotics for Dogs an
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A Concise Guide to Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

In the modern world, pets have seamlessly become family fixtures. Beyond being mere companions, dogs and cats have evolved into cherished confidantes, invigorating tired souls. They grace us with countless invaluable moments, underscoring the importance of pet healthcare. As a result, pet owners prioritize their furry friends' diet and health. Beyond basic needs, these caregivers dive into research, seeking balanced nutrition, and suitable pet health supplements, and recognizing the significance of probiotics for dogs and cats. This deliberate approach, paired with regular check-ups, enhances overall pet health, staving off issues like obesity and joint problems, ultimately extending their lifespans. more
wel-pet  Taiwan's Only SQF-Certified Pet Health Fo
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Taiwan's Only SQF-Certified Pet Health Food Factory, WelPet Biotech, Makes its Debut at the 2023 Asia Medical Cosmetology Expo: Exploring Trillion-Dollar Pet Healthcare Opportunities

The global pet food and healthcare market is expanding rapidly, already reaching $318.4 billion (approximately 9.7 trillion TWD), and growing at an annual rate of more than 5%. Responding to this enormous opportunity, WelPet Biotech, Taiwan's sole SQF certified pet health food factory, is excited to make its debut at the 2023 Asia Medical Cosmetology Expo. We warmly invite industry experts with an interest in pet health food to join us at the expo. more
 WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet
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WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet Biotech Gains Veterinary Recommendations at World Veterinary Association Congress!

The World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2023), with a 160-year history, was recently held for the first time in Taiwan and concluded successfully on April 29th. After a five-year hiatus, the four-day event returned to Asia and drew more than 2,000 professionals from over 20 countries, including veterinarians and exhibitors from the veterinary industry, to share their expertise and clinical experience. Notably, WelPet Biotech, an SQF Level 3 certified pet health food manufacturer, received veterinary-recommended endorsements from nearly 300 veterinarians at the congress. more
 Combat skin diseases in dogs and cats the right w
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Combat skin diseases in dogs and cats the right way

Skin diseases in dogs and cats are very uncomfortable and may leave you worried as a pet owner. Here’s how to deal with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases in pets. more
 Degenerative arthritis in dogs and cats: Manageme
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Degenerative arthritis in dogs and cats: Management and Prevention

This guide offers some preventative measures and pet joint care to reduce the risk of degenerative arthritis in cats and dogs… more
 Observing the Daily Water Intake and Urination of
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Observing the Daily Water Intake and Urination of cats; Early Detection of Cat Urinary Problems; and Prevention of Cat Kidney Disease.

Do you have a cat? Save it from cat kidney disease. Here's how cat urinary tract problems can be prevented and detected by observing cat water intake and urination. more
 Dietary Supplementation for Better Pet Gut Health
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Dietary Supplementation for Better Pet Gut Health

Do your cats and dogs suffer from gastrointestinal problems? Vets suggest providing suitable pet dietary supplements at the right time promotes healthy gut for dogs and cats. more
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Congratulations: WelPet Became the First Pet Food Manufacturer in Taiwan to Attain the SQF Level 3 Diamond Certification.

WelPet Bio-Tech currently is the first and only pet health care product manufacturer in Taiwan that has obtained the SQF Level 3 certification, and its own brand PetWell products perfectly represent WelPet’s commitment to food safety for fur babies. We hope all the efforts will raise attention to food safety in the pet food industry in Taiwan. more
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