Welpet Combat Canine Joint Discomfort in Harsh Wi
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Combat Canine Joint Discomfort in Harsh Winters with the Best Joint Care for Dogs to Prevent Degenerative Arthritis

The typically lively and active dogs, known for causing a bit of chaos around the house, may suddenly exhibit reluctance to run and jump, transforming into couch potatoes. While it might initially be attributed to a mere cold, these symptoms could signify a need for enhanced joint care for dogs with arthritis. Similar to humans, as dogs age, their joints undergo inevitable wear and deterioration, with joint degeneration being an irreversible condition. In the absence of effective treatment methods beyond surgery, it becomes imperative to provide the best joint support for dogs. The onset of harsh winter cold makes conditions like degenerative arthritis in dogs even more severe due to the plummeting temperatures. This article will guide pet owners on how to offer the best joint care for older dogs, protecting their pets’ joint health during the cold winter. more
 welpet-Pet Respiratory Health Guide for Autumn an
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Pet Respiratory Health Guide for Autumn and Winter: Sneezing in Dogs and Cats During Temperature Fluctuations Could be a Warning Sign

As autumn turns to winter, cuddling up with our furry companions for warmth is a great pleasure for pet owners in the cold weather. Our pets, with their slightly higher normal body temperature range (around 38 to 39.5 degrees Celsius), serve as perfect little heaters, offering warmth during the cold season. However, due to their higher body temperature, dogs and cats are more susceptible to changes in temperature. When the temperature drops, the nasal mucosa of pets reacts to the cold air, leading to excessive vasoconstriction, resulting in symptoms like a runny nose and sneezing. Such symptoms may cause concern for pet owners. While occasional sneezing is a pet's natural response to environmental shifts, pet owners should be vigilant if their dogs or cats exhibit persistent coughing. In such cases, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from a veterinarian. This article aims to guide pet owners by exploring the reasons and physiological mechanisms behind sneezing in dogs and cats, offering insights into providing optimal respiratory care for our furry friends during cooler temperatures. more
 welpet- Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering
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Prevention is Better Than Cure: Mastering Pet Health Checks Strategy for Optimal Preventative Pet Health and Minimizing Pet Illness Risks

Ensuring the well-being of our pets is a top concern for all pet owners. Since cats and dogs cannot express if they are feeling unwell, it is imperative for owners to schedule regular visits to the vet for comprehensive health checks with medical equipment. This proactive approach is essential to identify the cause of any discomfort. Therefore, consistently taking your beloved furry companion for routine pet health checks is a vital responsibility for pet owners. This article, based on a veterinarian's clinical expertise, will emphasize the significance of regular pet wellness examinations, introduce various key health check items, and collaborate with owners to safeguard the overall health of their pets. more
 wel-pet A Concise Guide to Probiotics for Dogs an
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A Concise Guide to Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

In the modern world, pets have seamlessly become family fixtures. Beyond being mere companions, dogs and cats have evolved into cherished confidantes, invigorating tired souls. They grace us with countless invaluable moments, underscoring the importance of pet healthcare. As a result, pet owners prioritize their furry friends' diet and health. Beyond basic needs, these caregivers dive into research, seeking balanced nutrition, and suitable pet health supplements, and recognizing the significance of probiotics for dogs and cats. This deliberate approach, paired with regular check-ups, enhances overall pet health, staving off issues like obesity and joint problems, ultimately extending their lifespans. more
wel-pet  Taiwan's Only SQF-Certified Pet Health Fo
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Taiwan's Only SQF-Certified Pet Health Food Factory, WelPet Biotech, Makes its Debut at the 2023 Asia Medical Cosmetology Expo: Exploring Trillion-Dollar Pet Healthcare Opportunities

The global pet food and healthcare market is expanding rapidly, already reaching $318.4 billion (approximately 9.7 trillion TWD), and growing at an annual rate of more than 5%. Responding to this enormous opportunity, WelPet Biotech, Taiwan's sole SQF certified pet health food factory, is excited to make its debut at the 2023 Asia Medical Cosmetology Expo. We warmly invite industry experts with an interest in pet health food to join us at the expo. more
 WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet
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WVAC2023 Highlights: SQF Level 3 Certified WelPet Biotech Gains Veterinary Recommendations at World Veterinary Association Congress!

The World Veterinary Association Congress (WVAC2023), with a 160-year history, was recently held for the first time in Taiwan and concluded successfully on April 29th. After a five-year hiatus, the four-day event returned to Asia and drew more than 2,000 professionals from over 20 countries, including veterinarians and exhibitors from the veterinary industry, to share their expertise and clinical experience. Notably, WelPet Biotech, an SQF Level 3 certified pet health food manufacturer, received veterinary-recommended endorsements from nearly 300 veterinarians at the congress. more
 Combat skin diseases in dogs and cats the right w
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Combat skin diseases in dogs and cats the right way

Skin diseases in dogs and cats are very uncomfortable and may leave you worried as a pet owner. Here’s how to deal with atopic dermatitis and other skin diseases in pets. more
 Degenerative arthritis in dogs and cats: Manageme
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Degenerative arthritis in dogs and cats: Management and Prevention

This guide offers some preventative measures and pet joint care to reduce the risk of degenerative arthritis in cats and dogs… more
 Observing the Daily Water Intake and Urination of
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Observing the Daily Water Intake and Urination of cats; Early Detection of Cat Urinary Problems; and Prevention of Cat Kidney Disease.

Do you have a cat? Save it from cat kidney disease. Here's how cat urinary tract problems can be prevented and detected by observing cat water intake and urination. more
 Dietary Supplementation for Better Pet Gut Health
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Dietary Supplementation for Better Pet Gut Health

Do your cats and dogs suffer from gastrointestinal problems? Vets suggest providing suitable pet dietary supplements at the right time promotes healthy gut for dogs and cats. more
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Congratulations: WelPet Became the First Pet Food Manufacturer in Taiwan to Attain the SQF Level 3 Diamond Certification.

WelPet Bio-Tech currently is the first and only pet health care product manufacturer in Taiwan that has obtained the SQF Level 3 certification, and its own brand PetWell products perfectly represent WelPet’s commitment to food safety for fur babies. We hope all the efforts will raise attention to food safety in the pet food industry in Taiwan. more
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