Eye Care

Furkids can't see clearly? Improve their eyesight with these effective strategies.
‧ Fur Babies' Health Demands

One out of every 10 fur babies sees a doctor due to eye problems. Common symptoms are conjunctivitis, dry eye, cataracts, glaucoma and keratitis. In particular, eye problems caused by aging require more careful care from the owner.

‧ Improvement Goals
Visual Acuity
Contrast Sensitivity
Bright Eyes
Decrease Dogs' Eye Discharge
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‧ Main Ingredients
 Bilberry Extract
Bilberry Extract
 Wolfberry Extract
Wolfberry Extract
 Microalgae Essence
Microalgae Essence
 Black Soybean Essence
Black Soybean Essence
 Palmaria Palmata Extract
Palmaria Palmata Extract
 Sodium Hyaluronate
Sodium Hyaluronate
 Marigold Extract
Marigold Extract
Dosage Form

Essential elements dispersed with an exclusive water complex base evenly can be better absorbed. The taste is smooth and easy to swallow.


The production line has a professional R&D team as well as domestic and international certifications. And the packaging is light-shielding and anti-oxidative.


Generally, consumers prefer health supplements in drink dosage form. In response to the demand, we can offer a variety of health foods in drink form with varying capacities and specifications.


This is carefully prepared to protect the active ingredients with complete sealing. What's more, you can take every dose easily and with accuracy.


This formulation is tasty, easy to use and store, and guarantees maximum absorption in the body. It's not only pleasing to the tongue but also provides the needed nutrients easily.


The Professional R & D Team has completed the production of a line of veggie and gelatin capsules that are both easy-to-use and highly stable, locking in all essential nutrients.

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Formulation Efficacy

Selected Ingredients Safe to Eat


Feedbacks from 600 Fur Babies
Excellent Palatability

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